Today's plans and why we gave up our social media accounts....

The week is closing in and today promises to be the wrap up. A little work, a little play and the arrival of Shabbat. This weekend is the annual Day of Prayer for Jerusalem, so we will be working on getting ready for that today. But first, I will shove myself into the crowds at the shuk to get the final fixings for Shabbat dinner this evening. We are having two of the volunteers over, two older men who have come to help out. Something in my heart goes out to them, they will only be in Israel for a short time, but their wives are back home and I want to make sure they don't eat alone. Nobody likes that.

Also, you might have noticed the removal of the social media icons. I shut down my personal Twitter and Instagram accounts, Kurt shut his down a while ago. Why? It was weird, knowing what other people are doing without actually interacting with them. It gives you a misplaced semblance of knowing someone or keeping in touch with them, when really you aren't a part of their lives. We don't want that anymore. We want to know how you're doing from your voice and your words, and we don't want to settle for hitting a "like" on your picture.

If I'm to be honest, it can also be hard to see people's new shoes, vacation photos, manicures, lattes etc. We love our life here, and we know we are incredibly blessed to live it, but seeing all the material things that others have sometimes distracts us from that. It took our focus off of what we have and put it on what we don't. We didn't like that, so we gave it up. Simple as that.

We did decide to keep Facebook, simply because it's still a good tool. We took the app off of our phones though, which has been great. Less is more, folks.

Have a wonderful weekend friends, we love you.

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Faith said...

Good for you two. Love you!